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1 lb Organic Ground Ginger Root Powder, Aromatic, Freshly Harvested Raw Spice for Health, Baking, Beauty, Cooking

1 lb Organic Ground Ginger Root Powder, Aromatic, Freshly Harvested Raw Spice for Health, Baking, Beauty, Cooking

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Why Ginger Should be YOUR Kitchen Movie Star?

We all know about incredibly tasty ginger powder in gingerbread cookies, men, or houses, but many people fail to realize how incredibly versatile and effective organic ginger root powder can be on its own for SO many uses. Combining current research of holistic healers with the wisdom of ancient India, ginger has found its way outside the kitchen to WOW in every part of the home one could imagine. It’s warm, ZINGY, peppery taste not only gives comforting hearth, its gingerol also helps provide the anti-inflammatory effects and immunomodulatory actions that bring so many of its clients back to wellness.

Your USDA certified organic ginger powder isn’t just great as a tea, supplement, or in desserts-- you can also make some sesame ginger salmon, ginger garlic cocktail meatballs, or ginger apple pumpkin soup to DELIGHT your family, friends, or that special someone! : ) And though gingerbread baked goods are great, why not TREAT YOURSELF and chill out with some ginger beer, ginger ale, natural lemon or orange jello, or ginger candy? PAINS BE GONE: CCL’s ginger is a safe and quick way not only to deal with cuts and scrapes, but all sorts of minor aches, from head to toe, stomach and immune issues, and help can get up and running again.

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  • AROMATIC and TASTY: USDA organic raw Herbal  ginger powder, chemical free, Anti-inflammatory support, processed in a gluten- and allergen-free facility, so you can benefit from the pure natural goodness of bioactive gingerol for health, beauty, cooking, baking. FEEL GOOD as five percent of profits go to protect your food system from GMOs and chemicals.
  • A WARMING HEALING SPICE FOR EVERYONE: Known for it’s delightful zing, Organic ginger powder not only is a potent remedy for the medicine cabinet but queen of the kitchen, for paleo ginger ale or beer, gingerbread cookies and cakes, pumpkin ginger waffles, ginger molasses pumpkin bread, blackberry ginger trifle, cleansing ginger chicken soup, raw carrot noodles with ginger-lime cashew sauce, thin oat ginger crisps, or zesty green smoothies!
  • HUGE HEALTH BENEFITS: Tasty yet heath-giving, organic ginger powder can be used for hot ginger tea as a natural remedy WHISK AWAY symptoms of colds, chills, aches, constipation, cramps, diarrhea, earache, flatulence, headache, heartburn, hot flashes, indigestion, morning sickness, motion sickness, and nausea, and FEEL GREAT!
  • GINGER BEAUTY FIT FOR A HAPPY DESERT ISLAND: Organic dried Ginger root powder makes a lovely, revitalizing bath to restore your proper energy levels, but it also protects the skin, removes impurities by unclogging pores and acne-causing bacteria, hydrates it, reduces dryness, and tones it, and is an excellent way to LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off.
  • LEARN THE SECRETS OF GINGER! A TINY percentage of the population knows about the legendary hacks that have made ginger QUEEN, you will get our highly praised complimentary e-book How Ginger, the Kitchen Movie Star, Can Spice Up Your Cooking & Make You HOLLYWOOD Beautiful. We GUARANTEE Your Satisfaction.